Brewing at the National Brewery Centre


Originally the William Worthington Brewery, The Heritage Brewing Company is a 25 barrel brewery located in the National Brewery Centre. It was installed in 2011 within the fabric of the museum to replace the 5 barrel ‘Museum Brewery’, the oldest Micro Brewery in the Country.

The brewery utilises the famous Burton upon Trent well water, upon which brewing in Burton was built. The Museum Brewery was originally owned by Bass plc and run by Steve Wellington who came out of retirement to start the two microbreweries in the Bass Museum (now the National Brewery Centre) in 1995. He is credited for saving Worthington White Shield from extinction and both brewed and bottled the iconic IPA.

History has now come full circle with creation of the Heritage Brewing Company. The Heritage Brewing Company acquiring the William Worthington Brewery, installed Steve Wellington as Head Brewer once again, will bring global favourites back to the market, including London’s popular Charringtons IPA.

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More about our team

A team that enjoys every pint!

As well as the vast knowledge and experience of brewing, the whole team at Heritage Brewing Company has a wealth of experience and expertise which makes them ideally qualified to invent, sell and deliver top quality heritage beers. Between them, the team have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the ability to bring you the best possible quality beer in perfect condition.